Manta Sidhhi

Perception, belief, and willpower are the key factors in Manta Sidhhi

The most important thing in the use of mantras is the power of perception and belief of the user. The more and more this force is, the more the mantra will be fruitful. By the same mantra, a seeker performs amazing feats, but the other does not get any special success through him, the reason for this is the confidence and morale of the users. One whose mind has unwavering faith in his mantra, his experiment cannot fail, but whose mind remains doubtful, does the choice of resolution, it is rare to get success.

To prove (Siddha) a Tantric mantra, a special kind of wonderful ritual has to be performed, some mantras are perfected in the cemetery, some have to go to uninhabited places at midnight, some mantras have to be followed by such fasting and rituals. Together, we Sidhha these rituals of mantra accomplishment are so that the mantra yogi should have strong faith in himself, in his mantra. One who has completed the sadhana of that courageous and painful mantra accomplishment must surely have faith in his sadhana. This belief is the force by which the mantra comes alive and shows its miracle.

Will power is important in the mantra. There must be a strong desire of the user for success. Along with the experiment, by collecting all your mental powers in one place, you have to put your efforts into the fervent desire for success. When the forces working in different directions get blown up in the same direction, similarly astonishing work is done as if the sun rays scattered on a small area of ​​a pyrotechnic glass are collected at one place, the fire starts burning. The same is the power of Mantras.

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