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In yoga philosophy, the term spiritual liberation is called Moksha

Maharishi Patanjali has touched every aspect of life in his Yoga philosophy. According to Yoga philosophy, man has to fulfill four goals in his lifetime, Dharma, Arth(money), Desires, and salvation.

Dharma (Duty): Dharma here means the main duties of human life, every human being should discharge all his duties towards all the people of his family like the mother, father, brother, sister, wife and children, his society, nation, world, The duty of mankind, and even whatever duty he has towards the earth and the environment, for his honest living.

Arth (Money): To achieve the higher goals of life and to live life smoothly, earning meaning is very important.

Kama (Desires): According to Yoga philosophy, the elegant aspirations of human beings are called the Kama.

Moksha: In Yoga philosophy, Moksha has been called spiritual realization, that is, a person who gets knowledge of spirituality is freed from the cycle of life and death. Spirituality here means the study of the soul. The soul or consciousness is the power that is driving this world and that power is not located anywhere but it is present within the body of human beings. Spiritual knowledge is the true knowledge of this power inside you. A person who reaches the state of samadhi using Ashtanga Yoga attains salvation. Ashtanga i.e. eight parts are as follows. Yama, niyam, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, meditation, and samadhi. Therefore spiritual liberation is the samadhi.

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