How a person can be spiritually inclined?

The material world refers to the physical world that we can feel and, can have experiences of, for example where we live, work, and play, whereby all our natural senses, like the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, movement, and feeling, respectively, are capable of grasping the concrete realities as they appear to us. Whatever experiences we get from our senses from the outer world is actually a material world. Now comes the question: How a person can be spiritually inclined?

So becoming spiritually inclined one has to understand the difference between the outer world and the inner world. The inner world is actually ”I-ness” which means everything related to I(self). The process of perception, attitude, and the way of thinking all are the area of the inner world because your thinking will determine the feelings inside you and your feelings will finally reflect in your behavior

. Around 70,000 thoughts come to a normal person’s mind every day and among them, almost 99.99% of thoughts are either from the outer world or reactions from the material world. In the present scenario, out of 24 hours, a person is not able to spend a minute thinking about his own inner world.

Questions like who I am?. Who is running this world? Why there are thousands of species on the earth? what they are doing here? when one starts asking these questions with himself, the actual spiritual journey starts and the person starts inclining towards spirituality.

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