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Factors that ensure your success on the path of Mantra Yoga

There are 16 critical factors that will ensure your success on the path of mantra yoga. All 16 requisites, however, depend on the singular most important element — grace. Without divine grace, it is impossible to attain siddhi (success).

The amount of grace you receive on the path of mantra yoga is directly proportional to how sincerely you fulfill the 16 conditions. They are:

  1. Bhakti (devotion)
  2. Shudhi (purification)
  3. Asana (seat)
  4. Panchang Sevan (five types of food)
  5. Achara (conduct)
  6. Dharana (concentration)
  7. Divyadesh Sevan (self-identification)
  8. Prana Kriya (breath regulation)
  9. Mudra (hand locks)
  10. Tarpana (libations)
  11. Havan (fire offerings)
  12. Bali (sacrifice)
  13. Yaag (contemplation and inner worship)
  14. Japa (chanting)
  15. Dhyana (meditation)
  16. Samadhi (absorption)

It may sound a lot but for the sincere practitioner, who continues to practice step-by-step, it all comes together naturally.

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