How To Chant Mantras?

How To Chant Mantras?

All mantras have holistic power that brings peace to the Mind and body. When chanted properly they give magical effects. There are different types of Mantras for different purposes and have different methods of chanting, they also have different requirements and procedures. but generally, the following procedures are followed in all types of Mantras.


Mat and Clothes: These mantras are holy, so you need to chant them with a clean body and mind. Before you start recitation, take a bath and wear clothes that represent the color of the planet. You also need to use an aasan (mat) that has the color of the planet. Such as white for the sun, blue for Saturn, etc. There is a particular code of discipline and cleanliness that you should not ignore.


Direction and time: Try to complete the recitation within 40 days. The place and time that you chant the prescribed mantra should be consistent and the same throughout the period.


Rosary and Sankalp: You can use Rudrakash or Tulsi or Chandana beads rosary for chanting Mantras.


Pronunciation and Rhythm: These mantras will not show proper effect or not work at all if they are not pronounced correctly. One wrong pronunciation can make the entire meaning of the mantra disastrous. Even the rhythm should be the same, and you cannot make any mistake in the flow of a syllable. These mantras are like voice passwords so their flow and pronunciation should be exact.


Types and Benefits of Mantra

Types and benefits of Mantra Types and benefits of mantra There are three principal sorts of mantras, Bija (seed), Saguna (with structure), and Nirguna (without structure). The Bija mantras can be utilized exclusively, yet are frequently joined into Saguna mantras to contribute them with an exceptional “seed” power. The Bija

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The Mind and Mantra

The Mind and Mantra The Mind Formations of the mind Every mantra has a specific sound. We do not know all the sounds, but we do know that there are certain sounds that are milder and others that are stronger. What happens when a sound is produced? Scientists have seen

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Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga What does Mantra Yoga mean?   Mantra yoga is a type of yoga that uses mantras to awaken the Self and deepen the meditative aspects of a physical yoga practice. Mantra yoga is an exact science that is meant to engage the mind by focusing on sound, duration, and the

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