Venus and its Mantra


You must have wondered,  celebrities such as musicians, actors, artists, and dancers have special in their chart. It is Venus or Shukra in Sanskrit. Venus is a planet you would love to be in the right place in your Kundli. It is all about material pleasure, love, romance, marriage, and friendship. Beauty, music, dance, drama is Venus. Anything related to luxury such as jewelry, expensive cars, beautiful home is Venus. Venus means opulence.

Venus is the brightest planet. Venus is a feminine planet considered to be the Goddess of all worldly comforts and chief governer of marriage in men’s chart. Men and women ruled by Venus are noticeably kind and social. When afflicted, Venus produces unsatisfactory domestic conditions, anxiety in love, and difficulty with friends through finances. Venus rules the vehicles.

 Venus is the brightest planet among all; It spends 28 days in each zodiac and takes 225 days to complete the zodiac cycle. It is a very strong significator of wife, marriage, and happy married life.

  •  Venus is a soft and polite planet; it is friends with Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, and enemy with Moon, Sun, and Mars. Its vimshottari Dasha is 20 years and constellations are Bharani, PurvaPhalguni, and Purvashadha
  •  Professions related to limelight or luxury such as designing, fashion designing, architecture, interior decoration, modeling, advertising, and fashion belong to Venus.
  •  Places of pleasure such as amusement parks, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and art galleries, etc belong to Venus.
  •  fair complexion, slim body, lovely eyes, charming appearance, sharp and beautiful facial cuts, bright hair yes it is Venus.
  •  In the body, Venus represents the sexual organs, semen, private parts, kidneys, face, eyes, neck, throat, chin, cheeks, and skin. Weak Venus causes diabetes, anemia, stone problems, sex problems, asthma, etc.

Venus Represents Wife, Women, Romance, Sexuality, Affairs, Love, beauty/ harmony, Royal nature, Wining/ dining, Equality, Pleasing/ smiling, Marriage/ partnerships, Flowers, Perfumes/ fragrances, Fashion industry, Aesthetic abilities, Cinema, Arts, Music, Creativity, Passions, Singing/ dancing, Poetry/ Literature/ painting/ decorating, Luxuries, Jewelry, Conveyances/ vehicles, Attraction, Glamor, Cosmetics, Banking and banks, Massive wealth (Lakshmi), Kidneys, Reproductive organs for females, Secretions of different sorts, Semen, Water element.


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