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More about Mantra Yoga Coaching

Who is the program designed for?
What is in the program?

What you will learn in your Mantra Yoga training

Through Mantra Yoga Understanding happiness through  Body, Mind and Mantra.

Concept of Five seethes of the existence. As per Tetriya Upanishad.

Why disease come to body and how to resolve these diseases.

Understanding Brain Waves

Different methods of  Om ॐ chanting 

Method of doing Pranayam with Mantra chanting

Method of removing stress and conflicts through Mantras

Happy Clients

Greatest appreciation to you and your Mantra magic team for the outstanding job you did for me. Its a completely new and fantastic experience with Mantra Yoga
Sachin Parashar
Sachin Parashar
I was going through a very bad time when I came in contact with Mantra magic. in 40 days my life changed drastically and now I am the best performer in my company and having a wonderfull family life.
Alisa Hester

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