Mercury and its Mantra


Mercury, or Budha in Sanskrit, is the most prominent planet of speech, communication, and intellect. You must have seen people with excellent oral, written, mental, and logical skills, witty, good speaking abilities and calculative skills, it is because of Mercury. Such a person creates humor in the environment using their oral and mental skills. People who are not good at communication or having problems gathering thoughts are due to weak or afflicted Mercury.
Mercury, the nearest planet to the Sun, also known as “The Messenger of Gods”. It is generally portrayed as the youngest planet in astrology; that is why Mercurial people generally have a youthful appearance. Mercury does generally well in the company or aspect of favorable planets. Within 8 ½ degrees of the Sun, he is treated as combust losing all its ability. Mercury rules the sense of understanding, interpretation, and expression. It is the controller of traveling, teaching, speaking, writing, publishing, literature, etc. Mercury makes the person good orators, writers, reporters, teachers, and accountants, generally, professions that require a logical, imaginative & intellectual mind. These people are orderly and methodical.

Mercury influenced people to tend to study occult sciences also. Afflicted Mercury will make the person clever, cunning, and mischievous. Such persons are sometimes good at gambling.

  •  Authors, teachers, businessmen, media persons, lawyers, accountants, software engineers, astrologers, diplomats are influenced by Mercury. Mercury makes you a poet, mathematician, gives you banking or clerical jobs.
  •  It spends 25 days in each sign and takes around 10 months to complete the zodiac cycle.
  •  It is considered as the prince among the planets. It represents sisters, friends, and maternal uncles. Mercury is friends with Sun, Venus, Rahu, and the enemy with Moon and Ketu. Its vimshottari Dasha is 17 years and its constellations are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati.
  •  Mercury people are attractive with good physical features. Mercury tells about your childhood and education; places like libraries, post offices, parks, airports, cinema halls, media houses,s, etc belong to Mercury.
  •  Since it is primarily related to mind abilities; weak Mercury causes psychic problems, nervous system problems, memory loss, etc. Mercury rules the skin and skin-related problems; it also rules the tongue, mouth, hands, and arms.
  •  Mercury, when weak, causes vertigo, deafness, asthma, and denotes difficulty in thought and communication. Mercury is also a general significator for learning, childhood, logic, maternal uncles, basic and higher education.

Mercury Represents :  Intelligence, Speech, Child, Wavering Nature, Volatility, Higher education, IQ, Mathematics, Mathematical subjects like Accounting/ Finance, etc, Childhood & adolescence (~5 to 18 yrs), Money, Stock Markets, Logic/ analytical thinking, Abstract thinking, Reading, Writing, Communication, Journalism, Publishing, Technology/ IT/ computers, Humor/ wit, Advertising/ sales, Medicine, Nervous system and nerves in the body, Tounge, Intestines, Skin, Hands/ arms, Earth element.


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