Mars and its Mantras


You must have seen daring or hot-headed people full of courage, action, passion, ambition, physical strength, or with fighting spirit always ready to take on anybody, do anything without hesitation. Such people are governed by Mars. Mars or Mangal in Sanskrit is the commander-in-chief of the planetary cabinet.
Mars is one of the outer planets in astrology, smaller than Earth, the God of war and also of hunting. Mars is said to be the son of the Earth and is called Bhumi-Putra. He is the governor of dispute and destruction. Mars controls ambition, desires, senses, and animal instinct in man. If Mars is strong, it gives tremendous self-confidence, combat nature, muscular strength, organizing ability, ambition to be successful in every field. Afflicted Mars will make the native short-tempered, argumentative, and quarrelsome. Mars is also the chief governor for brothers and real estate. Being an action planet, Mars people do well in business or in the profession if the planet is rightly placed in the chart.

Mars is a red, dry, fiery, male planet. Mars is smaller than earth; it spends 45 days in each zodiac, and approximately one and half years to complete the astrological cycle through all the zodiacs. Mars is a friend of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and enemy with Mercury and Rahu. Vimshottari Dasha of Mars is 7 years and constellations are Mrugshirsh, Chitra, and Dhanishtha.

  •  Mars means anything related to courage – mental and physical; anything which has the element of danger in it. Mars people are brave, not afraid of, that is why Mars governed natives generally opt for military, police, fire-fighting, engineering, surgery, builder, mechanic, entrepreneur, sports like professions. Athletes, martial artists, or persons in daring sports also come from a strong Mars background.
  •  On the negative side, Mars could also make you a gangster, criminal, shooter, executioner, etc. Afflicted Mars gives arguments, quarrels, fights, lack of courage, and dare. Mars is the general significator of younger brothers which also adds to the strength of the native, afflicted Mars will give trouble from younger brothers.
  •  Depending upon the placement of Mars, these natives may be cruel, active, violent, angry, and rash. Mars gives a well-built body. Mars-influenced natives are hasty, aggressive, impatient, and inconsistent in their behavior. Places near fire, kitchen, battlefield, stadiums, etc, and explosives, weapons, guns belong to Mars.
  •  In your body, if you want to study anything related to chest, bone marrow, blood, intestine, forehead, neck, nose, or muscles, study Mars. Afflicted Mars could be a cause of accidents, wounds, burns, fractures, piles, liver problems, fevers, tumors, typhoid, cholera, pox, and boils, etc. For example, if you want to study the possibility of vehicle accidents in the kundli, look for the placement of Mars.
  •  If you want to study real estate, immovable properties such as houses or lands look for Mars. If you want to study anything related to surgery or operations etc. look for Mars. Any questions related to the above-discussed topics will be answered by Mars.

Mars Represent: Energy, Strength, Passion, Ambition, Courage, Dynamism, Aggression, Adventure, Power, Competitive Nature, Sudden energy or such events including firearms/ guns/ bombs/ explosions, Sportsmen, Police officers, Army/ navy personnel, Surgeons, Commanders, Authoritative positions, Significator of younger siblings (especially younger brothers), Accidents, Wounds, Injuries/ surgeries, Engines/ machines, Fixed/ landed property especially houses/ mansions, Muscles, Nose, Bone Marrow/ Haemoglobin, Metabolic rate, Reproductive organs for male, Boils/ acne, Fire element.


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