Ketu and its Mantra


Same as Rahu, Ketu is also a shadowy, malefic planet always positioned opposite Rahu.

  •  Ketu signifies liberation or Moksha, mysterious knowledge, mystic science, and spiritual pursuits.
  •  Both Rahu and Ketu can give the person unexpected and sudden results. Ketu can make you a magician, astrologer, or medical practitioner.
  •  Ketu is a friend of Venus, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, and enemy with Mars, Sun, and Moon.
  •  Ketu spends one and half years in each zodiac and takes 18 years to complete the zodiac cycle.

Ketu Represents: Detachment, Moksha, Spirituality, Meditation, Isolation, Enlightenment, Opposite of Rahu in many things – completely opposite of materialistic, Suspicious, Hidden, Scandals, Like mars- injuries, especially violent and sudden, Psychic abilities, Intuition, Ghosts, Spirits, Witchcraft, Epidemics, Worms, Poison, Fire, Weapons, Flying accidents, Cataostriphic events, Significator for Spine and renunciation.


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