Jupiter and its Mantra


Jupiter or Brihaspati in Sanskrit is one most positive and powerful planets. Jupiter is the preceptor of gods and Lord of Sky. Jupiter is the giant planet in astrology. Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ of God. Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods-Zeus. Jupiter is termed as ‘Fortuner’. If well placed in the horoscope, he bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck. It is said, even if other planets are ill posited, if Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart, he will enjoy the last-minute assistance to tide over the difficult time. However, bad Jupiter will make the native careless, extravagant, lavish, debt-ridden, and disputed. Jupiter is also considered a significator for children (Santan Karaka).

  •  It spends 13 months in a single zodiac and takes 12 years to complete the zodiac cycle. Jupiter is friends with Sun, Moon, Mars, and the enemy with Venus and Mercury.
  •  Its vimshottari Dasha is 16 years and constellation are Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purvabhadrapada.
  •  Jupiter is perhaps a very important planet for females as it is the primary significator of the husband and plays an important role in deciding marriage. Politics and administration is a very strong trait of Jupiter, almost all successful politicians have strong Jupiter.
  •  Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, so professions require a specific stream of knowledge that belongs to Jupiter. Financial advisors, bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, physicians, priests, judges, teachers, and astrologers all professionals are under influence of Jupiter.
  •  Places that belong to these professions also come under the jurisdiction of Jupiter such as banks, courts, universities, etc.
  •  Study the placement of Jupiter for children, fortune, wealth, education, father, and elder siblings.
  •  Jupiter is very religious and spiritual in nature; spirituality, intelligence, humanity, wisdom, optimism, faith, generosity, humor, idealism, and judgment are prime traits of Jupiter.
  •  In the body, Jupiter represents the hips, glands, ears, feet, physical development, and throat, etc. When weak, it causes anemia, jaundice, liver complaints, cough, cold, and asthma, etc. It also makes you overconfident, extravagant, and materialistic.

Jupiter Represents:
Guru, Mentor, Wise/ learned people, Professors, Authors, Consultants, Priests, Preachers, Wealth, Significator of Children, Meditation, Fame/ Honor, Merit, Scholarship, Law, Morality/ ethics, Righteousness, Holiness, Optimism, Positive thinking, Higher Learning, Higher education, Extreme quantity of anything, Fortune, Luck, Divine favor, ‘Jeeva Karaka’ – the significator of Lifeforce or life, Prosperity, Liver, Fat in the body, Most glands in the human body, Ears, Hips, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Sky element.


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